Cyprus Audit

In every avenue of life, the winding path to financial success for a company is effected by the ever-widening and complex regulatory rules and regulations and demands of stakeholders. Our experienced and hard-working staff has the knowledge and determination to make sure that our client’s path through these obstacles is as smooth as possible. 

The critical information needed by investors and other stakeholders is produced quickly and accurately. Strong and confident advice is given to management, paving a smooth path between all parties.

We are not here just to help our client onto a smooth path of their journey and then move on to the next one who needs our help, we are here for the duration; we want nothing more than to see it through to the end and then be there for any eventuality that occurs; we intend to be partners. We are proud of what we do. We strive to understand completely our clients’ global business methods and goals. We stick to our promises to supply a rigorous risk assessment, to run diagnostic processes and audit testing procedures, to advise and monitor every aspect of your company’s health.

Included in our Auditing Services are:

  • A Statutory Audit for Cypriot-registered companies.
  • Audit of Financial Information, including statements prepared in accordance with International Finance Report Standards (IFRS).
  • A Review of financial statements.Due-diligence for specific purposes.
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