Estate Planning

The Planning of your Estate

The list of pitfalls and bureaucracy in planning your estate can be never-ending! Just the tip of the iceberg would range from health care concerns, life insurances, annuities, unfair appraisals, burial or cremation costs and annuities to probate courts, state taxes and any intent should treatment postponing death be used.

If you  are not certain of your financial and legal rights in an extensive minefield of problems it could end up costing you a lot more than you bargained for.

A very common problem with younger people is to leave it for ‘when I’m older’, hoping that eventually the problem will sort itself out.

This is never the case. It is much easier and always best to plan your estate while you are young to save your family lots of heartache, wasted time and money in the future.

Every situation should be catered for and trying to account for even the most mundane problem could raise more problems than are being solved. Finding out which taxes, probate court rules, delays and costs could be avoided; how to protect the inheritance from potential creditors of the heir; whether the heir is happily married or there are clouds on the horizon and whether there are children from a previous marriage that may be effected; the list is almost endless and can be extremely frustrating and intimidating but these points must be addressed. It is always best to acquire professionally qualified help for seamless and worry-free estate planning.

That’s where we come in.

Estate planning is totally bespoke to the client. No two people have exactly the same circumstances so we treat every one of clients exactly as they want us to. We are there on call whenever we are needed. We will get to know you and we are there, side by side, to assist you in any way we can. We discuss anything and everything relevant to the safe and worry-free planning of your estate. We are there every step of the way to answer any queries or worries that you may have and will research and offer solutions to smooth the path.

Our aim is to help you:
  • Decide the best way for you to plan your estate, evaluate your goals and recommend a plan of action.
  • Arrange management of your estate should you ever become incapacitated.
  • Prepare all documents needed, including power of attorney, current wills, trusts and health care.
  • Draft an effective plan for the management of your estate after your death.
  • Create your own estate planning team made up of experts on finance, taxes and law for your own convenience.
  • Deal with any problems and avoid any unnecessary expenses associated with probate and taxes.
  • Make sure that any expenses are covered by the safe liquidation of assets of your estate.
  • Distribute any inheritance according to your wishes.
  • Amend any part of your plan at any time that you may wish.

We will also relieve you of the worries of:
  • Living Wills and Trusts.
  • Lifetime Family Wealth Transfers.
  • Family partnerships and other business relationships.
  • Leaving donations to charities.
  • Problems concerning estate and trust tax.

Taxes and costs are not the only problems associated with estate planning. Some people fail to consider family issues and fairness of distribution of inheritance in their plans. Asset protection and effective wealth transfer should also be thought about carefully.

Some questions to ask yourself are:
  • What is your future estate tax liability and how will it be funded?
  • Are you happy that everything you intend to be accomplished is in place and all relevant documents are  organised?
  • Are all taxes accounted for and will any unnecessary costs effect your estate?
  • Would a family with international connections approach estate planning any differently?

If any of the above issues are not addressed then you run the risk of paying unexpected costs and running into avoidable disputes. Estate planning can seem unnecessarily daunting and full of potential problems but we will make sure that you are never left to deal with it alone. Our team of highly-trained professionals will be there every step of the way. We assess and analyse your financial future and will supply a written plan to make the planning of your estate easier and smoother than you could ever imagine. Our team will focus on you and your loved ones, protecting your assets tax-efficiently whilst complying with all rules and regulations.

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