Offshore Jurisdictions

Offshore and low tax jurisdictions offer good possibilities to legally boost profitability of your business. The professional approach of our employees to tax planning allows for exploitation of advantages of legislations varying across countries, depending on specifics of your companies activities. Today, many respectable companies use offshore Companies. Many of them have a purpose of tax optimization however offshore businesses also possess many other advantages:

Tax Planning and Tax Optimisation

Tax Optimisation is an instrument for economically active tax payers who are ready to consider any legally available means to enhance effectiveness of their business and increase profits.

Classic Offshores

Today, many presentable companies use offshores. Many of them have a purpose of tax optimization; however, offshore business possesses many other advantages:

  • Complete financial confidentiality.
  • Zero taxation in the country, simple registration procedure and subsequent maintenance of the company.
  • Opportunity of buying a ready made company.
  • Absence of inheritance duty.
  • Protection against inflation.
  • Limitation of legal liability.
  • Reduction of management expenses.
  • Absence of monetary exchange control.
  • Admission, support and subsidy assistance by local government and local authorities.
  • Owners and directors’ data are not subject to publicity and stay confidential.
  • Availability of banking services and world level investment management.
  • Easy access to main markets of North America and Europe.
  • No international commercial tariff.
  • No annual tax.
  • No export /import scope limitation.
  • No expensive bureaucracy.
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